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What small businesses need to know before selecting a P.O.S.

Submitted on: December 9, 2018

Many small business owners never ask the right questions when choosing the right P.O.S. system. And that's not totally their fault unfortunately in this business what you are not told can really hurt you in the end. Take for instance you are looking for the right solution and you do your research and find what you think is the perfect solution it sleek very appealing to the eye and affordable. Whats to stop you from purchasing after all you did your homework right? I beg to differ you contact a sales office really excited about the product a salesman comes out and shows it does everything you expected reporting, branding, Add/Edit Modifiers, Easy Customize, you get the idea right.  You sign for it then you start to learn what the cost is it seems a little high but its worth it right. Now it come down to service after you've had it for a while now you find out that this particular P.O.S. can only be used with the person you purchased it from no one else can reprogram it you end up paying way to much in processing fees and you have a system you can't use anywhere else. Always ask these simple questions and you will find out what the intent is.

1. What happens if I'm not happy with your service and want to move.
2. Will my rate stay the same and for how long.
3. How are upgrades handled we know technology changes.
4. What type of support will I receive.
5. Can I use this system elsewhere.
These few tip should keep you from a decision you won't regret good luck in your new venture.   

Tech Talk

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What small businesses need to know before selecting a P.O.S.
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